Useful Links

Here are a few links that you may find useful

Sites that will help you get started:

Allotment & Gardens – Grow Your Own, Allotment, Garden Help

Allotment Manual

Blofield Allotment Association

Bluebell Model Allotment Gardens Association

Channel4 – River Cottage’s How to Start An Allotment

Haworth Village – I have an allotment now what?

National Vegetable Society (UK)

Royal Horticultural Society

The National Allotments Allotment Society – Allotment Info

All About Allotments – A gateway to websites about allotments


Up-to-date information about protecting allotments: 

Pickles urged to stop councils ‘deregulating allotments’

Help protect allotment sites

If you need to contact the police:

Please report any incidents of antisocial behavior, vandalism or intruders on the site to the police as quickly as possible. This helps them build up a real time picture of what is happening when & where on the site which will greatly improve their chances of meeting some of these individuals in person.

To contact the police either call 101 or email them by visiting the Bromley Police website.